Joel Strickland

Certifications: ISSA
Skill level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Flexibility, Strength, Circuit

I have very realistic approach when it comes to training, goal setting, and nutrition. Exercise and fitness overall is my life long passion and is something I seek to continent learning about each and every day. Creating realistic goals are my number one approach, with this I also plan on teaching my clients how to be successful in this life style. My most recent degree is a Bachelors from the University of Central Florida in Sports and Exercise science. I specialize human performance in creating personalized fitness programs that tailor to any and client, weight loss coaching, nutrition education involving understanding of macro nutrients. My goals are to change clients lives in a positive manner to help them live longer healthier lives, to be able enjoy fitness and do as they please, to motivate and inspire, and to succeed! Expertise:Assessments and goal settings: Exercise Programming ( Strength, hypertrophy, or endurance focused). Periodization Strength and Conditioning. Nutritional planning ( Macro nutrient education). Fat loss. Group training (couples and or multiple people per session). Flexibility training.