Nicole Eubanks

Certifications: NASM
Skill level:
Intermediate, Advanced, Expert
Flexibility, Aerobic, Strength

Immediately after graduating high school, I became a personal trainer at a local health club where I worked with a broad range of populations. Old, young, weight gain, weight loss, rehabilitation, you name it, I trained them! It wasn’t long before I realized a severe flaw in the fitness world. This error is the inescapable desire to conform to a trending body type.

Although I enjoy training everyone and anyone regardless of gender, my passion influenced me to become a certified NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist. Speaking as the girl who once tried all of the fad diets and waist trainers, the body just comes with it. The goal that got me in the gym is NOT one that keeps me going nearly every day. Too often we are exposed to social norms of unachievable proportions that can easily distract us from the true meaning behind the sweat: the desire to grow.

With a mindful approach, becoming physically fit is not the intention of sculpting ourselves into something others deem as “beautiful”. It is a guide to manifest our power, strength, and confidence. It is an incredible feeling to have security stem from your own existence. To know that your shoulders are capable of holding more than just your head, and your legs are sturdy to keep you standing tall.

This line of thought has lead me to my ultimate philosophy of living: everyone deserves to feel the euphoria of knowing that they are strong.